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WordPress White Screen Of Death Fix

If you open your site in your browser or login to your site as an admin and you are staring at a white screen and wondering where your website gone then you are not alone. Nearly every WordPress user once in his/her lifetime, experience this kind of situation. This situation is so common and frustrating that WordPress community has a special name for it “WordPress White Screen of Death” or WSoD for short.

What is WordPress White Screen of Death?

First We should throw some light on what we really meant by WordPress white screen of death. When WordPress is not working properly sometimes it displays blank white screen. This white screen is known as WordPress White Screen of Death. The reason of White Screen of Death can range from anything like coding error, error in database connection, Low PHP memory, etc. Whatever the reason the WordPress White Screen of Death makes your website non-usable. The most frustrating part of this error is the complete lack of any error message which make it nightmare to troubleshoot.

Why this error occur?

As I have already told you that there is no particular reason for this error. The most common reasons why this error occur has been listed below:

  • A low PHP memory limit set by your hosting service.
  • A theme not playing nice with one of your plugins or vice-versa.
  • A poorly coded theme or plugin causing an error.
  • Compatibility issue between plugins.

Not only there is no particular reason for this error, the part of the website affected by this error is not fixed. In some cases you will see WordPress admin blank page after login, sometime you will see white screen website and even WordPress website not loading properly. In short whatever the reason is you will see the “WordPress White Screen of Death”

How to solve this error?

There is no one-step solution for this error. You have to check each of the known reason and then do the troubleshooting. Before you start doing troubleshooting the problem you have to be familiar with FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You should know how to use FileZilla or some other FTP client to connect to your web host.

Various fixes of the above problem is given below

  • Does the problem occur on your other websites: If you are running additional number website on the same web host and they are encountering the same problem i.e “WordPress White Screen of Death” then the chances are that the problem is with your web host. Contact your web host and tell them about the problem. But if your other websites are working fine and your particular website showing blank page then there is no problem with your web host . The problem is in your website itself.
  • Increasing your PHP memory limit: When people are talking about memory in context of WordPress, they are talking about PHP memory. This memory is allocated for plugins or any sort of files to execute their scripts. Usually this issue happens because your memory is being exhausted. If this is the case then please increase your PHP memory.
  • Disable poorly coded plugins and themes: One of the reason of “WordPress White Screen of death” error is poorly coded plugin. If you have installed a new plugin and then immediately after activating the plugin you encounter WordPress white screen of death error then you should either remove the plugin or disable it. You can view the video below for step by step method.
  • Check your theme: The white screen of death does not only appear because of poorly coded plugins. It also appears because of poorly coded theme. If you encounter problems with the theme then immediately disable the theme or use another one.

If all the above fixes doesn’t work then you can check your log by using WordPress debug mode. You will find all sorts of error written in the log which will help you pin point the problem.

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