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A Guide To Organic Link Building

Organic Link Building is an integral part of your SEO strategy. In this guide I am going to show you how you can build links to your site organically without getting any penalties from google. But before we begin if you are interested in on-page SEO guide then click the link below.

Without wasting any time lets start.

Importance of Organic Link Building

Google’s organic results are essentially one big popularity contest. Yes its a prom night and your site is vying for the title of king/Queen. Imagine google is a math teacher Mr. Dexter and he is organizing the prom. Mr. Dexter is not 17 year old and he is not part of the intricate social dynamics of different teen niche and subgroups.

Mr. Dexter has no idea how cool Joni Stevenson is, or how popular Chad Chaddington twins are. If he wants to order the whole school from #looser to #cool to announce king and queen of the prom night he has to take the vote from the children. In this analogy children are other website on the internet and votes are the links. The child who gets the most vote will be the king/Queen of the prom.

Unlike Mr. Dexter Google goes one step further and assigns weight to each vote casted by the more established cool kids. The “”, “” etc would be the cool and respected kid in this fictional (rather bizarre) school.

Done with the prom analogy? Good me too.

So, off-page SEO predominantly involves attracting too many votes or links coming to your website or webpage from as many reputable voters as possible. This in turn increase your domain authority in Google – comprising the final piece of the puzzle in moving your site up the ranking.

I hope after reading all the above you understand the need for organic link building to your website/webpage.

Information that Google Glean from your Website’s link profile

Trustworthiness and Authority

Google can asses the trust and authority of a website based on the establishment level and reputation of websites that link to it.


If there are relatively high number of trustworthy sources pointing to a website, then google can safely assume that the destination pages contains valuable contents its users will find useful.

Topic Relevance

If the websites linking to your site are on the same niche as yours then Google will safely assume that the rest of the internet is corroborating and backing up what our On-Page SEO is telling the search engine the page is all about. This will help to improve the ranking of your site.

 Methods of building Organic links to our site

I am about to give you five currencies that you can offer in exchange for organic link building.

1. Your Time

This is the least effective form of value that you can offer in exchange for organic link building. You can find any grammatical error or inaccuracies in the content of a website you want a link from. Contact the webmaster and kindly ask for a link to your website in return.

You can also run their website through broken link checker tool like brokenlinkcheck and let them know about all the links on their site which leads to a 404 page not found error. Ask for a link.

2.Your Money: Paid Links

Did I just say paid links? I can hear the wrath of the Google Gods from across the Atlantic Ocean! Yes you approach the webmaster of a website you want a link from, and you offer money to have a link placed on that site.

Remember paying a link is a big no no for Google and if they find out (which is beyond unlikely), they could penalize your whole site.

3. Your Community: Asking Favours

This is a strategy with an admittedly short life span. It’s also not scalable. But hey, its free. Its calling in favours from anyone you know who has a semi-decent website that wouldn’t mind linking into your site. That could be friends, family or anyone that wouldn’t mind helping you.

4. Your Expertise

I’ll scratch your back if you…

…link to my site!!!

That’s right, this strategy involves offering yours skills and expertise, whatever they may be, to a webmaster in exchange for a link. For example if you have a plumbing website and you’d do well to offer to fix those leaky taps at the local community center in exchange for a link from their site.

This is a great little strategy often overlooked by the SEO community. The reason this techniques works so well is that people can feel somewhat affronted when offered money for something they’d never considered selling. Offer them the service instead and they can taste the benefits already.

5. Your Content: Content Marketing

Simply put content marketing means using your content for marketing purposes. This is the best strategy for building links. Google has concluded that if website content is genuinely useful, people will start to talk about it socially. Furthermore, webmasters are likely to link to that content from their sites, because doing so augments the contents that they are producing.

In simple words, creating high-quality content and housing it on your website acts like a bait. It give webmaster reason to link to you. Through association web master are putting their reputation on the line by linking to you. If your site content is poor, it’ll reflect badly on them. If it’s good they will be happy to associate themselves with you and it.

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