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Determining Low Quality Content in Your Site

How can you determine whether the content in your site is a high quality or a low quality content? Well there are various factors that you can examine to determine whether your content is of high quality or low quality. From searchers behavior to page-load times to spelling mistake I have covered it all in these factors in this tutorial. if you like you can have a look at 10 WordPress plugins that boost your site SEO. So without wasting time let’s start

What is a High Quality and Low Quality Content?

In simple words a content which ranks higher in google search result is a high quality content. Similarly a content which ranks lower in google search result is a low quality content. So now we know that google has some idea regarding good quality and low quality content. The real challenge is to how we can determine low quality content in our website. Since Google isn’t going to tell us which content in our site is low quality content (it simply penalizes our content). Some of the factors which determines the quality of our page that we know and are familiar with are given below:

  1. The content should be unique.
  2.  Lots of external sources linking to your page: If your page is reference worthy then it is likely that your page is of high quality. (It is called link building)
  3. Internal linking should also be present in your page.
  4. The page should be able to answer the searchers query.

I think that the last point need some explanation. Imagine you query something on google. A list of pages appears in the search engine results. You click on one of the pages and after spending some time you move on to some other task like checking your email etc, then it is clear to google that your page has resolved the query of the searcher and it becomes a high quality page in the eyes of the google.

If the user leaves your page and go to someone’s else page for the same query then it tells google that your page contains low quality content. Google will push the page to the bottom in the search engine results.

Other Factors to determine High quality vs Low Quality content

Apart from the above factors there are some other factors which determine the quality of your content. They are given below:

  1. Your webpage has to load fast on any connection.
  2. You page should display properly on any device.
  3. Your content should not have any grammatical as well as spelling errors.
  4. Other contents like images, videos and audios should have alt attributes.
  5. Your content should be well organized and easy to digest.
  6. Your content should reference to some high quality external sources which increases the knowledge graph of user.

This is not an exclusive list but these are some of the factors which determines whether you have high quality or low quality content.

Some Misleading Factors

There are various factors which determines the quality of the page when taken individually but can be misleading when they are taken together. These are listed below:

  1. Bounce Rate: A very high bounce rate means that the visitors that land on your webpage leaves your page quite early. But it is not considered a bad sign. A high bounce rate is fine if you are answering the very simple query or if the next step is to go somewhere or there is no next step.
  2. Time on site: A long time on site does not necessarily means that the users are engaged with your content. It can also means that the users are frustrated and they cannot find what they need. Maybe you have lots of pop-up on your site and user have to close on them but they are unable to find the close button.
  3. Organic Visits: A good organic visit does not necessarily mean that your content is of high quality. A low content webpage on your site can receive organic traffic because it still ranking for some bunch of long tail keywords.

Some Good Factors

There are some factors which are not considered as good when they are taken individually, but they can be taken as a good sign when they are taken together. They are listed below:

  1. Total Visits
  2. External links (link building)
  3. Number of linking root domains
  4. Your content social share: While social share does not constitute directly to your SERP ranking. But if you have a large number of social share then it surely means that your content is of high quality.
  5. Rank for their own title: If you content appears high on google SERP when you type the exact title of your page then it is also considered a good sign.

So I hope after reading this article you are able to find high quality and low quality content on your site. For more information you can refer to moz. That’s all for today. Stay tune for next tutorial. If you have not subscribed for the weekly news-letter then please subscribe to it by clicking the link below.

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