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Launched in 2017 as a creative blog for all those who are interested in learning WordPress. Doesn’t matter whether you have a computer science degree from a fancy college or not.

Why you should read this blog?

If you love web development and want to learn, then you will feel right at home here. Want to make your online presence? This is the place to go. Believe me you don’t need any fancy degree to learn web development using WordPress. You will learn everything you need to know to make your own website in your own unique way. Not only this you will also learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using WordPress so that the whole world knows about your online presence.

If you are completely new to WordPress and don’t know anything about it you can start with our basic tutorial “WordPress tutorial for beginners”. Here you will find everything you need to know to jump start website development using WordPress.

About Me


I am a student of life. In order to find my passion and true love I have gone through multiple failures in my life. Life has taught me some great lessons. This blog is a result of all those lessons that life has taught me. Believe me this blog is just the beginning. There are many more things that I am passionate about. In this blog you will find my true love for WordPress. You will see some great tutorials in plain English which are very easy to digest.

Ok guys I can understand, enough about my blog. Its time to give you guys my introduction. My name is Deepank Pant. I am an IT engineer by education, Blogger by profession. I like to do web development from my college days but the thing that mostly annoys me is CSS. For me its very difficult to handle CSS responsive design. I needed some kind of software where I don’t have to bother about the CSS but can access JS and php. At the same precise time we have a workshop in our college about WordPress. It is where I first met WordPress and immediately fall in love with it. After spending so much time with WordPress I decided to start this blog.

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-regards Deepank Pant

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